We are a private equity firm focused on leveraging our varied expertise and
financial resources to be not only investors but also value-added partners.


We are a team of Founders with varied backgrounds coming together to support other like-minded Founders and Entrepreneurs.


From idea to conception our expertises span across all aspects of product development-both physical and technological.


We stand beside our Investments and fight along side them to ensure our investment matures to it's full potential while delivery real results.


Core Sector

Technology is at the core of everything we do. Across all sectors of focus, we view technological innovation as the key in solving some of today's biggest problems and improving the way we live, work and play. Our strong technological background includes software, systems, services, security, mobility and commerce.


Covid-19 / PPE

Through our resources and partners, we are continuously working to deliver as much Personal Protective Equipment to the most needed areas in Canada as we can source. Furthermore, we are currently connecting and collaborating with doctors and experts form around the world to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak though R&D into diagnostic technology.


Legal Recreational / Medical

We look to find the next crop of high-growth companies and their visionary founders to work with in this rapidly expanding vibrant industry. We work in the Legal Recreational and Medical markets in Canada and the US.

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If you have a disruptive idea or have MRR over $100k and are looking for value-added equity partners to bring you to the next level, then please contact us.

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